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About Beachmaster, Paul  & Buyer Representation
   A Florida native, Paul began visiting New Smyrna Beach at the age of 9. Realizing that it was one of the last, true, local getaways from the Orlando metropolitan area, he and his wife, Sharon, decided to make the move from Winter Park to NSB over 36 years ago.  Even before then, Paul has focused on the motto above.
   Unconventional, because he works in shorts and a t-shirt 90% of the year, in an office in his home overlooking the Indian River w/ manatee, dolphins, many types of birds and some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.
   Professional, due to the fact that he offers full representation for buying or selling anything from single family homes and lots to restaurants and hotels.  He was one of the first to handle 1031 exchanges, (especially complicated 3 way or reverse) the first to offer a "Buyer's Broker" program and is knowledgeable of the use of IRAs in real estate.
    You might want to work with him because one of his favorite words and a personal goal is 'Probity'.

New Smyrna Beach's motto is cygnus inter antes, which translates to "a swan among ducks".
NSB is considered one of "America's Top Small Cities for the Arts" and is the second oldest city in Florida. Also, the 'Shark Bite Capital of the World'. I can explain...
New Smyrna Beach has been under the rule of four flags- the British, Spanish, United States, and Confederate Jack.
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 | email: [email protected] | call: (386) 428-9527
Do you need a buyer's agent? 

If you wish to be fully represented, share confidential information, or have full use of the talents of the agent you work with, including Loyalty, the answer is YES. By law, in Florida, they must be a single agency "Buyer's Agent".

The 1997 "Brokership Relationship Disclosure Act" revised FL law to institute only two basic types of representation - "Single Agency" and "Transactional Agency" (there is also a no-relationship situation as well).

Please call with any questions or concerns about representation. It is probably the most important .... 
... decision you initially make when working with a Realtor. The Single Agent works for (owes fiduciary to) the buyer or the seller. A "Transactional Broker or Agent" owes no fiduciary responsibility to either party, and must not do anything during the course of the transaction, that can be construed to be to the benefit of one side vs another. 

Unfortunately (in my opinion), unless you establish the 'single agency' separately, 'Transactional Agency' is the assumed situation in Florida.

Beachmaster strives to work only as a "Single Agent" and reverts to a transactional status only where there may be a conflict of interest, and then only with the full disclosure and consent of all parties. 

Buyer's Broker 
of New Smyrna Beach
Construction Consultation Available
for Bethune Beach's unique zoning.
                                                                                                                                                             "Unconventionally Professional"